ciphergoth comments on Omega and Derren Brown on Omega and Derren Brown by Alison Rowan 2010-02-17T12:24:59+01:00<p>If it was Derren Brown doing it, I&#8217;d one box, cos I&#8217;d assume sleight of hand was involved in some way, and cos I&#8217;d either get £100 or get to prove Derren Brown wrong&nbsp;:-)</p> Comment on Omega and Derren Brown by Martin McCallion 2010-02-17T10:50:11+01:00<p>For a tenner, I&#8217;d one-box. The original way I heard this was £1000/£1,000,000; in which case I&#8217;d&nbsp;two-box.</p> <p>In other words, I&#8217;d gamble a tenner on such a thing (especially as it&#8217;s not _my_ tenner!); but I wouldn&#8217;t gamble £1000. It&#8217;s all about&nbsp;thresholds.</p> <p>Anyway, Omega is trapped in an antimatter universe, so I wouldn&#8217;t touch his&nbsp;money.</p>